Eid Ul-adha Aid Campaign By Turkish Authorities In Tajikistan

Duşanbe Büyükelçiliği 07.10.2014

Within the context of Eid Ul-Adha Aid Campaign, which is organized by the Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Religious Affairs Foundation, food assistance was provided to indigents by the Turkish Embassy Religious Counselor in cooperation with the Tajik official institutions as same with the previous year.

In this regard, approximately 21 tons meat of 172 cattles were sacrificed in Dushanbe, Qurganteppa, Tursunzoda, Khujand, Kulob, Khorog and distributed to orphanages, nursing homes, disabled children homes, hospitals and other people in need throughout the country in compliance with the lists provided by Tajik official institutions i.e. Governorships, official district agencies and Tajikistan Islamic Center.

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